Pivoting to new plans

Being in the industry for more than 2 years, we have realized that the market is completely saturated in every aspect of technical development. In order to make sure that we have put ourselves in the major league we are trying to pivot in a new direction. Rather than providing marketing services for example Social Media Marketing or Search engine Optimisation, as a proof of concept we are planning our own products to release in the market. This will be used as proof of a concept to the market. We have been evaluating different kinds of programs in sports, especially football. Meanwhile, our plans for different techniques of marketing will stay in action too.
We are planning for a new logo and a new YouTube channel as well with content-based ideas. We hope that market will react to our existence on these new platforms. Other than all of this, we are looking for expansion too. Yes, you heard it right we are pivoting and expanding at the same time. For more details about our future plans, keep checking our blogs from time to time.

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